Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What's in a name?

Welcome to my new blog! I chose to name this "Facing Grace" because I believe we need to boldly come face to face with the grace of the Cosmos. Grace is a word too lightly used in our time but has tremendous depth of meaning. There is, of course, a certain elegance to the very sound of grace but in its deeper meaning, grace are those unearned gifts of life that both comfort and afflict us. We often think of grace as a positive but we can just as easily find ourselves the recipients of a harsher, brighter, even more painful gift. We lose our jobs and find our very souls torn asunder until we see the opening that lose has provided. Even the great "C", cancer, can open us to seeing the world more clearly than ever before, or bring family together in new ways. In facing grace we might have to first face the possibility that what befalls us may not be about us at all....

One more thought: when naming this blog, Denise Shiozawa of Ume Works, my colleague and designer, told me the "facinggrace" had already been taken so she added a hyphen between the two. That little hyphen is even better! It represents all that keeps us separate from knowing grace in our lives. It reminds me that grace is always surrounded by some grit, in the words of Ken Wilber, it takes both "Grace and Grit", to know the beautiful truth of being alive.

Welcome! John Morehouse