Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Other Economies

As I ponder the rapid rise of the stock market juxtaposed as it is to the even more rapid rise in unemployment, I have to ask myself, which economy are we measuring? The GDP has started growing but our DHH (Domestic Human Happiness) is falling. When are we going to learn that more "stuff" is not more fulfillment?

As we approach thanksgiving, that most American of holidays, I would ask you to consider not only giving thanks for what makes you happy (and I would guess its not more things) but also to consider dedicating a portion of your energy to growing our other economies; the barter of kindness we show those we love, the exchange of time to help those in need, and the giving of your talent and money to change the world for future generations.

What we don't need is another gadget, what we do need is a longer view: to see the world as finite and our responsibility to is to pay it forward for the generations to come.

With grace and grit, John